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National FFA Alumni Association gathers in Kansas City, Mo.

Kansas City, Mo. - Hundreds of National FFA Organization Alumni members young and old gathered in the historic city of Kansas City, Mo. for the annual National FFA Organization Alumni Development Conference this past weekend.

Participants attended two days’ worth of activities and workshops centered around learning how to strengthen communities and agriculture. Members in attendance were from states like Georgia all the way to Utah.

View tweets on Storify from the afternoon Alumni Development Workshops.

The conference was held in Kansas City, Mo., which is the home to several of the first National FFA Conventions in the organization’s history. Opening session for the conference, downtown Kansas City, was at the Municipal Auditorium.

The National FFA Organization did announce that this was the last year for National FFA Organization’s Alumni Development Conference. However, the organization plans to bring it back later in the future.

FFA Alumni members pose for a quick photo outside the next general session on Saturday, July 15, 2016.

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