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Inspired by Dr. Greg Forbes

Dr. Greg Forbes is a foremost expert on thunderstorms, tornadoes, damaging winds, hail, floods and more. Forbes joined The Weather Channel in 1999 as a meteorologist and severe weather expert. Dr. Forbes even studied tornadoes and severe thunderstorms under Dr. Ted Fujita, who developed the F-Scale to rate tornadoes.

Dr. Greg

Forbes is a very inspiring person to me. I am pursuing a career in broadcast meteorology and Dr. Greg Forbes is someone I look up to inside my future career field.

With an amazing background in meteorology and compassion to serve the public in times of severe weather, I aspire to be like Dr. Greg Forbes in my future career. My favorite quote from Frobes comes actually from his biography on The Weather Channel.

"There are so many interesting weather phenomena and subtle variations from one case to another."

This quote from Dr. Greg Forbes is meaningful to me because weather is interesting and the variation from one storm to another is truly amazing. At The Weather Channel they have a common theme for all meteorologists and reporters:

Dr. Forbes response in the quote fits the hashtag so well. Weather is fascinating and can be puzzling at times. However, studying the variation and helping people as an meteorologist is truly humbling. Dr. Forbes's contributions to the weather community and in addition to the public is very large. Even though Dr. Forbes is not a journalist of news he is an journalist of weather. He has helped share the story of weather and science.

Dr. Greg Forbes's brief history video preview from the premiere of Weather Undeground on The Weather Channel.

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