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NewsLink Indiana Weather Forecast, October 18, 2015

MUNCIE, IN (NewsLink Indiana) After a cold weekend, it was a welcome relief in terms of temperatures today. The high today in Muncie reached 64 degrees. Sunny skies and even warmer temperatures are returning for the day Tuesday. Expect a cool and breezy start to the day with morning lows around 46 degrees then warming up to 70 degrees. Clear and sunny skies will stick around not only for Tuesday, but Wednesday also. Highs will be around 72 degrees Wednesday. Thursday will be a little cooler with temperatures around 68 degrees and partly cloudy skies. The next likely chance of rain returns on Saturday. A cool down in temperatures is likely in store for the early part of next week. Make sure to follow NewsLink Indiana on Twitter @NLIWeather for the latest weather updates.

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