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Who inspires me?

In 1935, Edward R. Murrow was hired by CBS to serve as its director of talks. He later moved to London, England, two years later to become the head of its operations in Europe. Nearly by accident, Murrow began his career in journalism. Germany invaded Austria in 1938, this is where he covered the event for CBS. This accidental introduction into the career field of journalism lead him to make many changes to how journalism was perceived.

Changes to come. Edward R. Murrow was a pioneer during his time. From the days of World War II through his death which came in 1965, Murrow had an unparalleled influence on broadcast journalism. I admire him for his persistence. Murrow had a lot of punches thrown at him during his career. During the era of McCarthyism, he came under attack from the administration in which we can see below. However, Murrow’s incisive journalism skills allowed him to uncover a larger picture of the administration.

"Good night, and good luck."

- Edward R. Murrow

The reason this simple quote means so much to me is that it is a direct reflection of Murrow’s attitude. Murrow never left a conversation open ended. I enjoyed how he always thought the process out before asking questions. It provide the viewers the detail they wanted. Murrow’s contributions will never go unnoticed. He help shaped the future of journalism in many facets.

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